Our Services

Each of us becomes stronger through the support of others. Hope In The Mountains prides itself on the deep level of care it provides to our clients. Our services are as specialized as they are diverse.

It is our goal to be able to match your unique needs with the right services. Our commitment extends to the end of your treatment and beyond.

Your journey never stops. Neither does ours.

If you are ready, or even interested, in what we can do for you, please Contact Us.

Until then, please learn more below about the many services we provide to help you.

Personal Counseling

Concentration on better ways to recognize, accept or change how you feel and learn strategies for coping with those feelings that cause you problems.

hope in the mountains personal counseling

hope in the mountains intensive care

Intensive Case Management

Initial needs assessment conducted soon after admission and is re-evaluated at regular intervals.

Group Counseling

Participants examine the way they communicate and how that influences the quality of their relationships. We also offer many services to enrich the quality of your life.

hope in the mountains job readiness

Employment Skills

Interests and skill sets are explored. How and where to look for employment. How to fill out a job application. How to dress and conduct yourself during an interview. Actual mock interview after all topics are completed.

Relapse Prevention

Learn tools one needs to be able to identify the pattern of relapse and to interrupt the pattern before one drinks or uses again.

hope in the mountains relapse prevention

hope in the mountains criminal

Criminal Thinking/Values

Explores errors in thinking that support criminal lifestyles. Learn more rational and responsible thinking to assist in not falling back into the same behavior patterns.

Self-Esteem Workshops

Self worth is what one thinks or believes about oneself and is expressed by how we treat ourself. Participants learn ways to increase self-worth.

Begin to understand how self-talk affects how one feels and behaves. Participant will learn how to turn negative self-talk to positive.

hope in the mountains self esteem

Family Counseling

Looks at the participant's role as a member of the family and taking responsibility for their actions.

Anger Management

Explores the role anger plays in your life. Learn how to manage and change the way you experience anger.

hope in the mountains anger management

Coping Skills

Learn how to escape cravings and find ways to reduce stress. Learn refusal skills and improve decision-making skills.

Other Services

Hope In The Mountains proudly partners with a variety of trusted organizations. Our goal is to provide enrichment opportunities for our clients in all aspects of their lives.

Domestic Violence Counseling

Service provided by Turning Point Domestic Violence Services. Intimate partner violence (IPV) is an often hidden form of violence among intimate partners (i.e., spouses, boy/girlfriends, past partners), occurring across all socioeconomic groups. Increases awareness and a safe avenue to speak freely of past or current intimate partner violence.

hope in the mountains domestic

hope in the mountains ged classes

GED Classes

Service provided by Big Sandy Community and Technical College Adult Education Department.

Proper Nutrition

Service provided by the Floyd County extension office. They educate individuals to plan nutritious meals on a limited budget, acquire safe food handling practices, improve food preparation skills and change behavior necessary to have a healthy lifestyle.

hope in the mountains nutrition


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