Hope in The Mountains


At Hope in the Mountains we focus on one and one thing only, helping people with addictions navigate the difficult road to recovery. We help you reign in the chaos and cut through the negativity addiction has caused to take back control of your life. Our long term residential program is tailored for those who are ready and able to assume personal responsibility for their recovery.


Intake & Orientation

High-Intensity Residential

Low-Intensity Residential

Transitional living Program

Outpatient Services


The intake & orientation program is the first phase of treatment for many new clients to Hope in the Mountains, providing screening and assessments to identify her personal strengths and problems.

During intake, we will begin developing a positive therapeutic relationship and developing a personalized treatment plan to assist you in meeting your needs. Once we identify your goals for treatment, you will be assigned a mentor to assist you in beginning your recovery and introduce you to our program.

The high-intensity residential program is the core aspect of our extended care program providing an immersed, structured, peer-driven community in recovery.

The high-intensity residential phase asks you to identify what motivates  you to change and to begin using these motivations to help you.  We will help you explore your values and examine how faulty belief systems and negative self-talk have played a role in your use of drugs and alcohol. In this phase you will develop an understanding of the process of addiction and recovery and will learn to recognize and re-channel urges to use drugs.

Our low-intensity residential program is tailored for those who are ready and able to assume personal responsibility for their recovery.

Once you display sufficient motivation, or have completed the high-intensity residential program, you will progress to the low-intensity residential program. This phase provides you with skills designed to strengthen recovery, deal with problems, and improve the overall quality of your life. We will enhance your motivation for change by participating in group sessions focused on managing thoughts and feelings, coping with cravings, relaxation techniques, problem solving, awareness and management of negative thinking, relationships, and mental health issues in recovery. 

Our transitional living program combines education, therapy, and group activities to provide real-life solutions for people struggling with alcoholism and addiction.

The Transitional Living portion of Hope in the Mountains  program allows you to work on identifying personal obstacles to maintaining change and sobriety, equipping clients with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome these obstacles. In addition, you will  learn how to better plan and prepare for actions that fall in line with your goals and values. 

We provide a flexible program designed to meet your needs as you transition into a recovery lifestyle with our outpatient services.

Our Outpatient Program offers individual and group counseling, Peer Support Services, and Targeted Case Management with a primary focus on relapse prevention. We strongly encourage reaching  out to others who are new to recovery and to get involved in community activities. Group topics are client-driven and tailored to meet the needs of the current group. The group setting provides a venue  to discuss these challenges and support one another in overcoming difficult obstacles to recovery. We offer services 7 days a week to meet your individual needs.


Our methods are proven. Our program is recognized for its results and its client satisfaction. And most of all our work is driven by a personal touch that goes above and beyond to create an environment that enables your success. With our help you can do better, feel better, and be better.

Our long-term rehabilitation facility in a quiet town in Appalachian Kentucky is a safe, compassionate space for you to re-anchor and reevaluate and begin putting in the work toward creating a better you. Hope In The Mountains is a licensed AODE provider through Kentucky. Our facility is a Licensed Behavioral Health Services Organization. We accept most commercial insurance and private health care plans. We also accept private payment. Our staff will work with you to find a way and make sure you get what you need. If you are ready to begin this life-changing journey, or just want more information about our programs, Contact Us.